Websibe Training Sessions

Learn to Manage your Brand, website or Blog Like a pro


Build your own website with some professional guidance, improve your existing website without going through an entire re-design, or find solutions to existing website problems. There are many ways in which you can benefit from some one-on-one time with your designer.


Through my coaching services we can discuss your brand, website and digital strategy, as well as the result you wish to achieve. After that I can formulate a plan specifically tailored for you. Along 90 minutes we will cover different topics to build, manage and promote your brand or website. It's like a mini-workshop designed just for you.



How the sessions work


The sessions are run face-to-face or through a shared screen via Skype, in the comfort of your own home/office.
Each session can be divided into two sessions of 45 minutes each or three sessions of 30 minutes each. Or just one of 90 minutes.
You'll get plenty of resources and tools. I'll answer all your questions and advice you on solutions to existing issues.

How can you benefit from this service

Make your project very affordable

Save a lot of money by designing, building and promoting your brand or website. And if you get stuck, don't panic! You still can count on my help!

Manage your brand or website like a pro

I can help you create a comprehensive project plan for your website and allocate costs efficiently to maximise your budget.

Find the best industry solutions

You can get a clear understanding of different web services and costs involved, allowing you to make better informed decisions on who to work with.


The package includes:
  • 1 one-on-one session of 90 mins, or
  • 2 sessions of 45 mins each, or
  • 3 sessions of 30 mins each
  • Visual Identity template
  • Blog or business planner
  • Free assistance to implement your project



What you will learn


Although each session will be tailored to suit your need, here are some topics that can be covered:


1 | Planning and budgeting

Managing your website project and possible costs


4 | Customising your website

Structuring and editing your template. CSS basics


7 | Promoting your Website

Social media, eNewletters and other venues

2 | Finding the right solution

Hosting services & platforms that suits your needs better


5 | Adding Visual Content

Creating graphics and web images without design skills.



8 | Web Statistics

Google Analytics tour and key performance indicators

3 | Choosing a theme

Understanding features and customisation levels


6 | SEO Secrets

Optimising your website for search engines


9 | Monetising your website

How to make money with your blog or online business

What if I need More help?

If after this session you don't feel confident with doing your website by yourself, no problem, you can hire my design services and I'll look after your entire project. As these sessions cover much more than just how to build your brand website you still will benefit of what you learned along this consultation.

Once the website has been launched and has been handover to you, you will be ready to manage and promote it by yourself, saving you a lot of money in updates and maintenance.

Like the idea but are still unsure?

Feel free to contact me, and ask questions or request further information