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A Creative studio with An emphasis on beautiful design & excellent client service

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Over the past few years this studio has curated a portfolio of national and international clients in the lifestyle and professional service industries, being behind the scenes of hundreds of brand and website launches. You can see some finished projects here.

My approach is creating simple yet beautiful brands, stylish websites and effective visual communications, delivering a finished project that goes beyond expectations.

Welcome to Grafika Studio, a creative service studio, based in Perth, WA, and specialised in branding, graphic and digital design for small and medium-size businesses.

The studio is owned and operated by me, Rosa Spencer, since 2012. My mission is to help passionate business owners create opportunities to explode their businesses by developing a professional and effective visual language in their brands and websites.

Get inspired

Start small and dream big. Get involved in the creative process and learn best practices and must-known strategies to bring your ideas to life

Grow confident

More than just design. I aim to build effective visual marketing tools for your business to communicate with clients with confidence

Feel special

Taking a very limited number of new projects per month allows me to give every client the service, dedication and attention they deserve.

I believe in...

Simplicity, good design doesn't need to be complicated. Simple is beautiful. Minimal and effective designs are my mantra

› Distinctiveness, identifying what makes you unique and special is the first step to build a memorable brand.

› Collaboration, I love involving my clients in the creative process, listening to their ideas and getting their feedback.

A healthy mix of design, work, life and fun.



Frequent Asked Questions


How much do your design services cost?

Every project is different. Smaller projects are subjected to an hourly rate. Larger projects require an in depth conversation involving the specifics of your project. Understanding your project requirements is the first step to quote your job.

Once we have a chance to talk about your project, I’ll be able to send you a quote with several price options. Packages are also available for some common jobs.

Visit the branding or the website design pages to see packages and prices available.

Do we need to be in the same city to work together?

I am located in Perth, Western Australia. If you’re in WA, I’d be happy to work together, face to face, throughout the entire process. Although, I have successfully worked with clients via the Internet from all over the world, so being in separate cities is perfectly acceptable. We can set up phone calls or video chats — whatever you are most comfortable with.

How far in advance do I need to contact you about my project?

I place a huge emphasis on client service, taking on a very limited number of new clients per month to ensure each project gets the attention it deserves. I'm usually booked one to two months in advance.

You can contact me to discuss availabilities for your next project.

Do you help with printing my material?

Yes, I offer print management services. Any graphic design job is delivered in a high-res .pdf file ready for you to take to your local or online printer.

However, if you prefer, I can also manage the printing process for you, package your printed job up and deliver it to you door. Contact me to discuss prices and suppliers.

What are your billing and invoicing methods?

I accept payments with PayPal and direct bank account deposit only. A full payment or deposit will be requested before starting your project. If your project total cost is:

    ≤ $500, the full payment will be requested up-front.

    > $1,000, a $500 deposit will be requested upfront and the remaining amount up to 10 business days of your project completion.

    > $2,000, a $500 deposit will be made to start your project, another 80% after the design approval and the remaining 20% up to 20 business days upon project completion

*After hanging over the marketing materials or after your website or blog goes live.

Are your initial deposits refundable?

Deposits are the only way of securing payment and making sure clients are serious about moving forward with their project. Once an order or deposit is placed and payment is made, it is non-refundable.

What if after delivering my design I don't like it?

Any design will be sent over to you for revision. For projects under $2,000 you are entitled to up to 3 rounds of revisions. For those projects that exceed $2,000 you will be able to make up as many rounds of revisions as needed.

Once a website design has been launched further changes will have an additional cost of $65 per page. If you are purchasing a package, check first how many rounds of revisions you are entitled with your package.

Do You offer Phone Support?

From the first day of your project, we will working together as a team. I will always available on the phone or email to listen to your ideas, answer all your questions and work collaboratively with you throughout your project.

Don’t quite see what you need?

Contact me and we’ll chat.