14 day kick Start Book

Layout Design & Art Direction


About this project

Project Scope:

  • Book layout design and art direction

Client: Burraneer Fitness

Industry: Sport, Health & Fitness

Project highlights

Sydney-based fitness studio Burraneer Fitness has developed a 14 day kick start program designed to rapidly remove acidic waste from the human body and to provide a strong alkaline detox.

This is achieve by a combination of diet, water and exercise, and has many positive benefits such an increase in energy levels, a lethargy reduction, an improved skin health and an improvement in overall well-being. Weight loss is also a natural occurrence.

To help people complete a dietary cleanse Burraneer Fitness put together this cookbook with detox breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.


Burraneer 14 Day Kick Start Program is a beautifully designed cookbook jammed packed with easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to detox your body from overly acidic diet.


Burraneer’s 14 Day Kick Start Program book is jammed packed with decilious and easy recipes full of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and fibre, to provide with long lasting energy. Designed to visualise the entire recipe in one page, easy to navigate and read in iPads, with a clean layout and beautiful images.