Visual Q Design


Project highlights

The brief was to create a classy brand and website with a modern feel. Minimal aesthetics, delicate typography, and lots of whitespace are the highlights of this project.

The main concept behind the logo was to create a sense of lightness, like a silk scarf floating on the air.

Some portfolio images inspired the colour palette of indigo blue, golden brown and beige. Thin grey lines give a light feeling to the website . These straight lines are combine with the round shapes of logo and icons to balance the composition.

Expandable sections reveal hidden information and create an interactive user experience. As part of the information is hidden each page feels light and less intimidating. If the visitor is interested in knowing more, further information is displayed directly on the page.

Every image was edited to achieve the perfect lighting in each interior space, and carefully selected so that the internal pages flow from one to the other keeping a consistent feel across the entire website.

About this project


  • Brand development
  • Website design and development
  • Photo editing

Client profile: Perth-based interior design company

Industry: Interior Design