Our Printable Planners Collection



At the end of last year I looked for a simple printer-friendly planner to organised my own work in the New Year. However, everything I found had excessive design elements and colours, being quite distracting. I always thought that good design is as little design as possible so I decided to create my own planner with a clean and simple design.

My first planner was quickly sold out through my Etsy shop in less than a month, so I designed a whole collection of printable planners with a minimalistic, functional and stylish design, and no fuss or distractions. The collection covers three professional planners: a small business marketing planner, a photographer's planner and a blogger's planner.

To this new collection of professional planners launched in January I'm adding now in February a new range of personal planners to help you organise important life events: a wedding planner, a pregnancy and baby planner and a travel planner. These planners have a softer and more delicate design, and still in consistency with Grafika Studio signature style.

So, what's exactly a printable planner for?

My printable planners are organisation tools intended for specific professionals and creative jobs like bloggers, photographers, etc, and cannot be easily found in conventional shops. They contain calendars, checklists and other documents that can help organise your every day professional activities.

What does "printable" mean?

"Printable", in this context, is a digital document, usually a PDF, which is intended to be printed by the final user at home or at a print shop. After printing, they can be punched and organised in ring folders or be bound.

What size are they?

The printable planners have been designed for A4 sizes but can be easily adjusted or re-sized to proportional sizes (like A5 or American sizes like 8.5x11) by any standard printer.

Can a printable be edited?

No, a printable document is not intended to be modified by the final user. However you could edit the document with Adobe Acrobat.

What can I do if I need to edit the document?

If the printable document doesn't exactly suit your specific needs you can request some edits to Grafika Studio. Edits will be charged at a rate of AUD $10 per 20 min. time block.

Can I get the original editable file?

To be able to open and manipulate the original file you need certain design software and family fonts installed in your computer, as well as some design skills. It's usually easier to request changes to Grafika Studio instead of trying to do it by yourself.