Rebel Road

Logo • Brand identity • Stationery • Website Design


About this project


  • Logo design
  • Brand identity
  • Business stationary
  • Website design (coming soon)

Client profile: UK-based career coaching business

Industry: Professional services

Project highlights

The brief was to create a smart and stylish brand, with a professional look and feel and a bit of fun and rebellion.

The logo needed to inspire expansion, excitement and positive changes. We play with the concept of circles, as they represent movement, positive changes, new starts, a meaningful concept for a career coaching brand.

The brand colours were also intentionally selected to carry the brand message. Green was selected to inspire balance, stability and possibilities (all good attributes for a career coaching business). A dark shade of any cold colour also makes a brand feel professional and trustful. Red was added to inspire activation, passion, excitement and expansion.

The curves and circles in the patterns reinforce the ideas of 'change' and 'movement'.

Find out more about the creative process behind this brand in this article on my blog.

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Starting a business is awesome, however, I never appreciated how much time and effort goes into the setup! I’m quite happy to admit when I need a little support from an expert, investing in Rosa’s expertise has allowed me more time to do what I love - coaching my clients!

— Jenn Fenwick, Rebel Road Coaching