Business Stationary

Grafika Projects: Pre-made Brand & Business Stationary Sets


This week Grafika Studio is launching a new collection of pre-made brand & stationary sets for small businesses and new start-ups. It’s what I’ve called prêt-à-porter  - or ready-to-wear - design.

Let’s imagine that you are getting married and are looking for wedding dresses. You have two options: one, get a bespoke wedding dress completely tailored to you, or two, get a prêt-à-porter design and make small alterations to fit your body shape and height.

Although, a bespoke design is probably the dream of many brides, it’s also a much more expensive option than the ready-to-wear design.

In the graphic and web design industry, a bespoke brand design requires many hours of research, conceptualisation and design, as well as many revisions and changes by the client. It’s the result of a long implementation process and a close collaboration between client and designer. It isn’t often an affordable solution for small businesses with limited budgets.

Another limitation is that in the early stages a new business doesn’t usually have a mature brand aesthetic, which makes it difficult to translate into a visual language.

As Grafika Studio was born with the vision of helping small businesses and new start-ups build professional brand systems, and aware of their budget restrains, I designed this solution that allows my clients to build sleek and professional brand systems with a minimum investment.


Benefits of pre-designed brand systems

Although a pre-made brand may not be an ideal solution for a business with a few years of experience in their market and a clear business personality, they can be an excellent solution for many start-ups, and here are some reasons:

  • Personalised design – Every set, though pre-made, is customised with the client’s business name and contact information, as well as colour scheme and fonts, making it more unique.
  • Cohesive brand - Each element has been designed to work as one cohesive piece, to create a strong brand presence and identity at the fraction of the cost of a full brand design.
  • Limited availability – every brand and stationary set will only be sold a maximum of 5 times.
  • Quick turnaround - customisations are done within 2 business days. After that, my clients get a complete professional brand and stationary set to get your business started in a simple and stress-free design process.
  • Full control of your brand – Once the customisation has been done, clients receive the editable files for future changes or brand extensions.

The pre-designed business stationary set above is the first design of my collection still in progress. It includes all the essential items that any small business may need to get started: logo, business cards, letterheads, envelope seals, with compliment slips, thank you cards and notepads.

This set is now available at my shop! Visit its listing here for further information and purchases.